Merele Emerson & Dave Donnelly

Specializing in One Loft Races

With over 50 years of club flying Boomerang Loft (Dave Donnelly) and Emerson Racing Loft (Merle Emerson) have teamed up to breed and race One Loft Races.

After years of club flying in the Gulfcoast Homing Club and the Piedmont Racing Combine, Merle now only breed birds for One Loft Races while Dave continues to fly in the GHC and FSI clubs in Florida. Dave had the 6th place bird in the GHC Classic this year.

Our Success

We had a very successful year in One Loft Races this year.  Some of our winnings were:

  • San Fran Triple Crown: 1st Drop 3rd place 325 miles, 2nd Champion bird
  • America's International Challenge: 1st Drop 225 miles, 1st drop 350 miles
  • Crooked River Challenge: 1st drop 350 miles
  • Blue Bucket Stampede: 1st Drop 309 miles, 2nd team Average